Tampa General Hospital in Florida, US has taken delivery of a new portable MRI on wheels, becoming the first hospital in the state to use it.

Called Swoop, the portable MRI can be transported to the bedsides of critically ill patients. It will allow clinicians to take images of patients quickly and conveniently.

The results are said to be comparable to the traditional MRI. Hyperfine Research made the Swoop Portable MR Imaging System.

The imaging system was cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration. Tampa General is said to be one of the earliest adopters of the system in the country.

It plans to share the data with Hyperfine Research to aid in the evaluation and refining of the performance.

TGH president and CEO John Couris said: “Using innovative technology that makes it easier for our patients to receive world-class care goes to the heart of Tampa General’s mission.

“We are always seeking new solutions that can help our patients get the diagnosis and treatment they need more quickly and easily.”

Swoop was made to ensure that it can be used in intensive care units and other hospital rooms which will make the process more convenient.

Tampa General chief of staff radiologist Dr. Krishna Nallamshetty said: “When a baby or child gets an MRI, the parents have to stay outside and it’s frightening for everyone.

“With the baby lying in a tunnel, parents feel far, far away. With this, the parent can be with the child as they are getting scanned, potentially eliminating the need for sedation.”