The acute care telemedicine company SOC Telemed (Soc) and Beauregard Health System have partnered to deliver telemedicine services to the rural Louisiana community.

The collaboration provides Beauregard with access to specialists and care. SOC’s Telemed IQ telemedicine platform will aid psychiatry, critical care, inpatient neurology, emergency neurology and cardiology.

SOC will provide neurologists for the teleNeurology programmes while their telePsychiatry, teleICU, and teleCardiology programmes are staffed by the hospital’s existing medical staffs.

SOC’s newly launched platform for teleCardiology services will be available to the 49-bed not-for-profit hospital system at Beauregard.

Beauregard Health System chief operating officer Traci Thibodeaux said: “Our community was vulnerable without a full-time local cardiologist.

“We wanted to partner with a cardiology group in Lake Charles, but knew they couldn’t meet our needs for an onsite full-time physician. Luckily, we’d already deployed SOC’s platform in other hospital departments. By pairing the Telemed IQ platform with a regional cardiology group out of Lake Charles, we were able to close the care gap and improve access to cardiac care for our community.”

The hospital noted higher case mix index, and fewer transfers post the launch of SOC Telemed in its departments.

SOC Telemed chief medical officer Jason Hallock said: “Across the nation, rural hospitals struggle to staff specialists in key areas like neurology and stroke care, psychiatry and even cardiology. However Beauregard, although rural, is ahead of many other hospitals by not allowing clinical care to be constrained due to its location or the artificial walls of the hospital that existed before telemedicine.

“Whether the doctors who ultimately provide the care are based in Lake Charles, New Orleans or anywhere else in the country, the SOC Telemed platform stands ready to deliver flexible solutions that connect communities in need with specialized medicine, on demand.”