Trace Regional Hospital, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sunlink Health Systems, has implemented a $2m Trace Forward Capital Plan to expand, upgrade and improve its services and support areas.

The plan includes an eight-bed expansion of the hospital’s Pathways Care Program, a geriatric behavioural health service. This expansion brings the total beds in Pathways to 26.

It also includes modernised, acute care patient rooms, renovated support areas, enhanced women’s services equipment, new diagnostic equipment and additional information technology equipment.

The funding was also used to replace a substantial portion of the building roof, to replace and upgrade heating and air conditioning systems and improve IT security services.

Recently, Trace Regional Hospital bought new ultrasound equipment and expanded its telemedicine services to increase the existing digital mammography capabilities.

Trace Regional Hospital chief operations officer Marianne Johnson said: “The expansion and upgrade of our Pathways Care Program will allow us to meet the growing demand for quality senior behavioural services as well as acute care hospital services in our northeast Mississippi service area.”

The US-based 84-bed hospital includes 18-bed Pathways Care Program and Floy Dyer Nursing Home, a 66-bed skilled nursing facility.

Located in Houston, Mississippi, Trace, Pathways and Floy Dyer focus primarily on senior healthcare services.

Last month, the hospital selected CPSI’s subsidiaries Evident and Trubridge to better manage patient care and improve financial operations.

It purchased the fully integrated cloud-hosted Evident electronic health record (EHR) solution which features both clinical and financial suite of products, and Evident provider EHR to support improved ambulatory care in its three affiliated clinics.