Trust Hospital has opened a new healthcare centre to offer services to clients and the general public in Accra, Ghana.

Located at Ringway-Osu, the new Trust Premium Centre consists of a main hospital building, a 30-bed pediatric extension ward and a boutique pharmacy to offer better healthcare services.

The three-in-one facility is expected to cut down the burden on the main hospitals in Osu and other parts of Accra, according to multiple sources.

The hospital’s Premium Center consists of general wards, private rooms and semi-private wards that allow two patients to share a room.

This facility will have general practitioner and specialist consultations in oncology, nephrology and urology in addition to services such as chemotherapy and dialysis.

The paediatric extension includes a child welfare clinic and provides child health services including paediatric consultations and admissions.

Trust Hospital CEO Juliana Ameh said at the launch that the 30-bed paediatric extension wards facility has been opened to cater to clients to the end of their care journey.

Ameh also added that the new facility falls in line with her mission to help enhance the lives of cancer patients.

Ameh further added: “One of my goals as the CEO is to ensure that all our patients that are diagnosed at the pink October breast cancer awareness drive, have access to treatment. This goal of mine fueled my passion to delve into full-fledged oncology service.

“Cancer prevalence and mortality are increasing in Ghana and we must help every diagnosed case as early as we can.”