Upstream Healthcare has selected Health Cloud company Innovaccer ’s data activation platform, Innovaccer Health Cloud, as well as the complete application suite to transform US healthcare.

The data activation platform combines patient data across systems and settings, and allows healthcare organisations to quickly develop scalable, modern applications which help in improving operational, clinical, and financial outcomes.

UpStream’s approach to the complete person care connects the entire healthcare ecosystem that includes pharmacists, concierges, behavioural health case managers, doctors, registered nurses, social workers, and support staff into a specifically dedicated care teams for every patient.

The company will be able to provide unified patient records to the unified care teams using Innovaccer’s data platform.

The patient views will be available to the member of UpStream’s care teams and integrated into custom chronic care workflows.

This will help in providing actionable insights at the point of care which will improve outcomes and use AI to evaluate and predict health risks.

UpStream chief information officer Lucas Sahm said: “Traditionally, many practices don’t have the experience or resources to take on the financial risks associated with value-based care models, especially for older, higher-risk populations.

“UpStream is deeply rooted in data, which makes partnering with Innovaccer a logical step for us because we speak the same language and have the same goal: to connect, curate, and make better use of healthcare data to improve patient outcomes, improve the patient experience, while also improving financial outcomes for providers.”

The participating providers of UpStream will receive Guaranteed Advanced Payments for Quality (UpStream’s GAP-Q) depending on the performance, guaranteeing payments in advance.