Rehab therapy platform provider WebPT has partnered with US health-tech company PredictionHealth to add artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to its Practice Experience Management (PXM) platform.

For rehab organisations, this alliance is set to alleviate documentation load, enhance compliance, and potentially increase reimbursement for eligible members.

WebPT members can now integrate PredictionHealth’s AI solutions into their existing workflows, improving the accuracy of their documentation processes.

The new AI features from PredictionHealth, now integrated with WebPT’s EMR and Insight EMR systems, include a Voice-to-Text Scribe that securely transcribes patient and provider conversations into clinical notes and Real-time CPT Coding Insights, which provide coding guidance to enhance accuracy and maximise service reimbursement.

Additionally, these include a HIPAA-compliant chatbot, the AI Chat Assistant, which is particularly trained for rehab therapy to aid clinicians with documentation work.

WebPT claims that these AI-driven tools lower documentation time by up to 50% while also optimising compliance and coding practices, potentially delivering an average return on investment of five to ten times.

PredictionHealth CEO Pedro Teixeira commented: “We’re excited to introduce new solutions integrated directly into clinicians’ real-time workflow within the WebPT EMR. The platform leverages advanced technology, data, AI models, and compliance expertise to reduce documentation time while improving compliance and CPT coding. Documentation burden is a huge contributor to burnout, and we’re proud to free clinicians to focus on patient care.”

Echoing the sentiment, WebPT Go-To-Market President Andrea Facini stated: “This integration empowers our users with tools that streamline documentation processes and significantly enhance compliance and revenue optimisation. By leveraging advanced AI technology, we enable clinicians to reduce their documentation time by up to 50%, allowing them to focus more on patient care and less on administrative tasks.”