Wellbox , a US-based technology enabled chronic disease care management company, has expanded its CCM service platform to include fully integrated Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services.

It offers end-to-end CCM and RCM service to its customers.

Unlike the conventional non-integrated CCM services, the firm claims that its CCM service provides an enhanced customer and patient experience by integrating the associated billing process.

Wellbox founder and CEO Nat Findlay said: “We realised there was an inherent flaw with outsourced CCM providers – the disconnected billing process was creating a huge burden for our customer practices.

“Our goal from day one has been to provide a valuable service for patients without disrupting our customers’ normal workflow. Supported by our partnership with eMDs’ Aria Health Services, the new integrated platform of CCM and RCM finally allows us to handle the CCM workflow from start to finish.

“To put it simply we enroll the patients, handle their care management needs, and send our practices a check at the end of the month. It couldn’t be simpler.”

In January, Wellbox  expanded its integrated platform by partnering with eMDs’ Aria Health Services, a healthcare technology company.

This partnership saw the integration of two technology-enabled services into one CCM & RCM service platform, which in turn has expanded the two companies’ services offerings.

eMDs CEO Derek Pickell said: “We are very excited to partner with Wellbox; their approach to CCM is unique and significantly simplifies the process for practices. I believe together we can provide the best customer and patient experience. At the end of the day, Wellbox and eMDs both want to empower healthcare providers and drive better outcomes for patients.”