The Government of Western Australia (WA) has finalised four sites for new inpatient modular hospital beds.

Locations that have been confirmed are Osborne Park Hospital, Rockingham General Hospital, Bunbury Regional Hospital and Bentley Health Service.

The addition of the new 30 bed modular ward facility at each hospital site will further increase the bed capacity by 120 across the Western Australian health system.

The move is said to be part of 270 additional hospital beds, which was announced by the government earlier this month.

These expansions would be carried out with an investment of nearly $149m (A$206.8m) and supported by $137.7m (A$191.2m) for 410 extra nurses and more than 180 additional doctors.

Currently, WA’s Department of Health is working with the Department of Finance to execute this project, and a letter of intent (LoI) has also been issued to a contractor to initiate the construction works.

Construction of these four facilities is expected to be completed by the middle of next year.

Once completed, they will be used by patients who do not require acute care or those who are waiting for placement in more appropriate community-based facilities.

Western Australia Health Minister Roger Cook said: “These modular beds are another tool in Western Australia’s arsenal against Covid-19. A first of its kind for the WA health system, the 120 new beds will allow us to continue to surge and remain agile in the face of this pandemic.

“As a Government, we have protected Western Australians against the virus, while we have prepared our hospital system. We are one of the only jurisdictions in the world that have managed to achieve this.”