Apollo Hospitals Group in India has deployed Zebra Medical Vision‘s artificial intelligence (AI) technology to detect Covid-19 and monitor disease progression.

Apollo Radiology International integrated Zebra Medical AI1 platform with its COVID Reporting Center, which reviews and analyses all CT scans from across Apollo Hospitals in the country.

The AI technology leverages a machine learning algorithm to automatically identify and quantify suspected Covid-19 findings on conventional chest CTs.

Zebra Medical’s software is expected to provide a quicker alternative to detect Covid-19 when PCR testing is not available or delayed. It can also be used to monitor patients and help in decision support for allocating ER and ICU resources.

In addition, the technology is capable of quantifying the disease burden and its progression.

Zebra Medical Vision CEO Ohad Arazi said: “Zebra-Med researchers and engineers used clinical data from a vast amount of medical images to train the AI model of the Covid-19 solution.

“Our partnership with Apollo Hospitals allows us to leverage a patented algorithm we had developed in the past for imaging features of Covid-19 pneumonia in order to help Apollo’s staff to track the progression of the disease.”

In March last year, the company partnered with Apollo Hospitals chain to deploy AI-based tools at scale across India.

Apollo Radiology International CEO and medical director Dr Sreenivasa Raju said: “By identifying and tracking the development of these lesions, Zebra-Med software offers key insight into disease severity and enables doctors to diagnose and evaluate patients swiftly and effectively.

“The vast majority of Covid-19 patients are mild, so having this automated tool has helped make critical decisions on whether to hospitalise.”

Last month, Apollo Radiology International partnered with UK-based artificial intelligence (AI) radiology firm Behold.ai to use X-ray technology for rapid Covid-19 diagnosis.