ZingBox , a provider of Internet of Things (IoT) analytics platform for healthcare industry, and First Health Advisory Solutions (First), a provider of medical device security programme services, have entered into a strategic partnership to provide   security and operations solution for connected healthcare assets.

Due to a unified approach of managing the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), healthcare delivery organisations will be relieved of operational and technical challenges in identifying, securing connected assets.

IoMT Guardian will be inventorying all connected medical devices, onboarding new devices, securing against ransomware/malware, and optimising device utilisation by leveraging Zingbox’s healthcare analytics platform to protect hospitals and their environment in real-time.

Alongside the Zingbox platform, First’s IoMT services will provide customers with a managed solution to address asset governance, legacy device security strategies and lifecycle management, as well as quick response to threats.

Zingbox CEO and co-founder Xu Zou said: “The healthcare industry faces a growing challenge in securing their connected medical devices. From accurate inventory and real-time security protection to gaining operational insights, they face a daunting task.

“We are excited to partner with First Health Advisory Solutions to bring together the most widely deployed healthcare IoT analytics platform and industry-proven services for assessment, policy enforcement and other managed services.”

First  co-founder and CEO Carter Groome said: “IoMT Guardian will foster collaboration and clarity device ownership in previously ambiguous areas of responsibility. Our comprehensive solution with Zingbox addresses both the technical and operational blind spots many organizations are facing today with connected assets, including policy navigation, patching strategy, network design and clinical engineering involvement. We are proud to be a partner of Zingbox, as our successful co-engagements have shown immediate value in managing risk.”

First’s IoMT Guardian programme boosts preparedness to detect and respond due to management of connected assets.