Concept: Swiss Automation company ABB has launched the ABB Ability Genix Industrial Analytics and AI Suite for oil shipping companies. It leverages the power of advanced analytics and AI to drive better decisions and notable efficiency gains.

Nature of Disruption: The ABB Ability Genix is scalable analytics and AI-driven platform and suite that combines user data with domain knowledge, technology, and digital capabilities to make data utilization easier. Users can obtain actionable insights specific to their operating circumstances and demands, as well as speed up decision-making to predict and optimize asset, plant, and enterprise performance. Additionally, using analytics across different processes and sites, as well as cutting across functions, can increase the value of the data. Deeper insights into a vessel’s operating data, aided by AI and analytics offered by ABB Ability Genix, can result in up to 10% fuel savings, lowering costs and emissions, as per the company. Furthermore, maintenance savings resulting from condition-based monitoring and early detection of possible faults increase vessel uptime and reduce required service visits by up to 30%.

Outlook: ABB Ability Genix is an AI and industrial analytics-driven platform that collects data from a variety of sources across the organization and transforms it into actionable insights leveraging ourABB’s deep domain experience. Users at various levels of the organization can interact with the platform through a set of pre-built apps, as well as self-service analytics. Integrated but modular, open but secure, operational but strategic – ABB Ability Genix represents the potential of digital transformation to drive enterprise-wide digitalization.

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