Concept: Canadian insurer Beneva has partnered with American insurtech firm Mitchell to tap the latter’s enterprise claims management suite of solutions that helps to improve claims handling accuracy and efficiency. With Mitchell WorkCenter and Mitchell Cloud Estimation solutions, Beneva aims to automate automotive claims processing and expedite settlement.

Nature of Disruption: Mitchell WorkCenter helps carriers manage repair status, appraisal auditing and review, reporting, and total loss. Mitchell WorkCenter Total Loss is a vehicle valuation software that reduces settlement time. It processes around 95% of total loss vehicle valuations within 30 seconds or less. The software helps in comprehensive evaluations, fraud detection, salvage dispositions, guidebook calculations, and settlement tracking. Mitchell WorkCenter Total Loss is a data-driven software that includes a comparable vehicle database, sold vehicle records, vehicle history and National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) reporting, and breakeven analysis. Mitchell Cloud Estimation’s Integrated Repair Procedures allow Beneva’s collision repair facilities to write estimates from any internet-connected tablet, smartphone, laptop, or computer. 

Outlook: Manual processing of automotive claims is time-consuming, error-prone, and involves high costs. Mitchell WorkCenter and Mitchell Cloud Estimation can help to address these challenges by automating claims processes. Beneva claims that leveraging Mitchell’s innovative solutions can meet the expectations for a digital claims experience. Mitchell claims that it is continuing to expand its North American footprint, enabling collision repairers and carriers to improve productivity, streamline workflows, and digitalize claims processes.

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