Concept: Belfast-based startup Budibase has launched an open-source low-code platform that allows businesses to design, build, automate, deploy, and scale custom internal applications instantly. From inventory management platforms to applicant tracking systems (ATS) to customer support desk applications, it can provide everyone the ability to connect apps and automate processes.

Nature of Disruption: Businesses can connect to REST APIs (representational state transfer application programming interface), retrieve data, receive form data, authenticate with external APIs, and develop new business apps in minutes with its sophisticated Rest API connector. Postgres, MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, and Google Sheets are among the data sources supported by the platform. Budibase’s built-in database and tables can be used to construct apps from scratch or users can upload a CSV (comma-separated values). It enables users to choose from different data kinds and functions such as relationships, attachments, and formulas. Businesses can use the auto-screen feature to build an internal table, which would create three screens within their UI (user interface): a read, create and update screen. An enterprise version of the platform is also offered, which includes features including service-level agreements (SLAs), a dedicated account manager, and onboarding support. Businesses can add users to the platform once and then assign them to other apps. The end-user experience is considerably improved because they only have to log in once to access multiple apps.

Outlook: Budibase’s open-source low-code platform can assist businesses in hosting everything on their own infrastructure, allowing them to maintain complete control over their data and applications while avoiding proprietary lock-in. Since the startup has a GPLv3 license, consumers don’t have to ask their legal team to install the software, thus minimizing adoption friction. The startup’s tools are said to be well-suited for developing inventory management platforms and application tracking systems. Budibase also claims that Microsoft, Apple, and Google are among its open-source users. In 2021, it received $1.8M in seed funding from Angular Ventures, Snyk, and Product Hunt.

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