Concept: Indian AI-solutions startup Cognecto has launched Cognecto Machine Link, a custom-built fleet management solution for mining, material handling, construction, and logistics. It enables fleet owners to retrofit new and aged equipment with IoT sensors.

Nature of Disruption: The Cognecto Machine Link solution comes with the inbuilt capabilities of IoT devices. It integrates tire pressure sensors, load sensors, fuel sensors, pressure sensors, RFID sensors and comes with open channels that tap various electrical and mechanical sensors. It is designed to customize the sensor inputs as per the requirements. The base model variant of the solution connects all the assets at the site that ensure visibility to complete material or process flow. The solution does not require any local support to install and can be managed remotely. It has multiple channel connectivity through protocols like RS232, RS485, and Bluetooth. Through edge computing, it eliminates the need to transfer data to the cloud. The solution is designed to enhance security and reliability and helps the fleet management ecosystem by providing a plug-and-play approach integrating sensors on the edge device.

Outlook: Cognecto is an AI-solution offering startup that aims to reduce the environmental impact of its clients by providing fleet management system solutions. The owner fleets are connected on the fleet management platform via various sensors that keep the operator updated about the fleet’s activity and status. This gives a bird’s eye view of the fleet allowing full control of activities with the owner. The edge computing capability eliminates cloud computing requirements and thereby reduces cost and resources. The site engineers and operators have access to production metrics and KPIs through a well-integrated easy-to-implement AI platform.

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