Concept: Pennsylvania’s Crothall Healthcare (Crothall) has announced the introduction of teamCHAMPS, a new cloud-based Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) powered by Nuvolo, through its Healthcare Technology Solutions (HTS) division. In the areas of data and analytics, comprehensive, easy-to-create reporting and dashboarding, and flexible workflow management, the teamCHAMPS platform delivers contemporary, easy-to-use, and mobile-ready features. Nuvolo’s new solution, based on the ServiceNow platform, enables Crothall HTS’ clients to realize the value and power of enhanced uptime, clinical engineering program management, and medical device safety and performance.

Nature of Disruption: The Nuvolo-powered Crothall’s teamCHAMPS platform manages the entire service lifecycle of a hospital’s medical device fleet. Its inventory control feature, which is cloud-based, allows teams to follow each stage of the inventory process. Information on service contract management, service requests, preventive maintenance management, capital equipment, and cyber security profiles is also captured by the platform. The real-time reporting and analytics capabilities of the platform allow any hospital to get data insights on an asset and facility in only a few clicks. Crothall’s HTS team can also collect historical data and use the platform’s three levels of maintenance analytics—corrective, preventive, and predictive—to enhance equipment utilization and maintenance decision-making. Integration with ECRI’s database for product recalls and hazmat warnings, as well as the oneSource Biomedical database with validated manufacturer PM and repair instructions, shipment status, and delivery arrivals, all help to speed up the workflow process. The platform was built to meet the Joint Commission’s, DNV’s, and Crothall HTS’ ISO 13485:2016 Quality Management System requirements.

Outlook: Crothal argues that its strategic investment demonstrates the company’s dedication to its clients to modernize clinical engineering service management. The firm also claims that by using the Nuvolo platform, its clients can be confident that they are employing the most up-to-date solution for managing all assets in the healthcare system. Most significantly, Nuvolo unites departments such as HTM, Facilities, and IT on a unified platform, allowing for cross-departmental collaboration and data exchange. This cloud platform is now available at all Crothall HTS hospitals.

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