Concept: Georgia’s cyber threat intelligence startup Cyble has launched a SaaS-based enterprise platform called Cyble Vision to help enterprises to identify dark web data leaks. It enables customers to manage their digital risk footprint and highlight sensitive data that has been exposed online, allowing them to react and defend the company before a significant security breach occurs.

Nature of Disruption: Cyble employs AI and ML to analyze the dark and surface webs in real-time and determine whether an organization’s login credentials have been compromised online. With the consolidation of intelligence from the dark web, deep web, and surface web, Cyble Vision offers a comprehensive view of an organization’s external threat landscape. As a result, its advanced intelligence enables quick detection and response to cyber events, effectively minimizing the impact of breaches while implementing recovery solutions. The platform can analyze threat actor Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) and allows company security infrastructure to be redesigned accordingly. It indicates potential vulnerabilities in real-time, such as leaked client information and records, compromised bins/credit cards, and externally vulnerable ports and services. Through its security scoring mechanism, it is also possible to track third-party threats and associated security risks.

Outlook: Cybercrime on the dark web is on the rise, and enterprises must maintain constant threat intelligence and dark web monitoring to detect and mitigate data breaches promptly. Cyble aims to simplify dark web visibility and allow businesses to strengthen their security architecture and, as a result, ensure resilience to hostile cyberattacks. It also provides a defense threat intelligence solution called Cyble Hawk for law enforcement and government agencies to gather, evaluate, and respond to the disclosure of highly sensitive material with national security or geopolitical implications. In April 2021, Cyble raised $4M in a seed financing round led by Blackbird Ventures and Spider Capital. It intends to use the capital to hire more people and scale its SaaS platform, all while expanding its client base.

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