Concept: Dubai’s RoboCafe has introduced robots in place of their human overloads. These German-made robots take orders, prepare food and deliver it to the customers’ tables.

Nature of Disruption: To minimize human contact in the post-COVID-19 era, Dubai’s RoboCafe has brought in AI-augmented robots to serve as a barista. Customers place their orders using a screen and then everything is carried out by the 1.25-meter-tall robots. They arrange the orders by tables and put them on a small service bot, and the service bot carries it to the customers. Any interruption from humans is required only when there is some technical issue or to sanitize frequently used surfaces. These fully automated delivery bots are designed and produced in the UAE under the Dubai government’s AI initiative.

Outlook: This initiative can minimize human contact and help people with social distancing which are necessary precautions advocated by health experts globally. The efficiency of work will also be increased as the robots can serve more customers without any spills and delays. RoboCafe claims that its robots can improve the customer experience while dining, especially during the COVID-19 crisis.

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