Concept: US-based software company HacWare has developed an AI-driven insider awareness and phishing simulation technology to help enterprises identify risky emails and prevent data breaches. The tool identifies risky users who are vulnerable to phishing attacks and alerts them beforehand.

Nature of Disruption: The tool utilizes a combination of phishing intel, user behavior, and ML technology to dynamically build a phishing shield for end users. The solution directly taps the company’s email server and employs an ML framework to categorize and analyze each message for potential risks including phishing email, suspicious links and attachments. It uses proprietary technology and behavior analytics to generate internal risk assessments and automate custom phishing campaigns to avert potential threats. The system additionally automates simulated phishing attacks, using the employees’ inbox content to send personalized phishing emails to test the ability of users to combat the threat.

Outlook: Email remains the most prominent way for attackers for phishing and various social engineering attacks to steal sensitive business data. Cyber criminals often look for passwords and try to trick a user by sending sensitive documents, like employee tax and financial information. To secure data from such attacks, HacWare developed an Ml-driven mechanism that can help enterprises secure emails from different types of phishing attacks.

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