Concept: American cloud-based robot management startup InOrbit has added a ‘time capsule’ feature to its SaaS platform that offers engineering and operations staff advanced insights into their robot fleets. It helps them to capture information as to why robots are failing in certain locations and scenarios.

Nature of Disruption: The InOrbit platform helps robot companies to install an agent software ‘InOrbit Agent’ on each robot to collect data that is integrated into the cloud-based platform. The time capsule service collects data and displays it on an integrated dashboard that provides users with an interactive representation for root-cause analysis. This can result in a better knowledge of performance that is crucial for driving continual improvement with mobile robots. Understanding a robot’s position on a map, visualizing additional sensor data, and finally monitoring the robot’s movement are all capabilities of the platform. The startup claims that the platform can identify and resolve the issue in seconds if a robot becomes mislocated. And if the robot needs a slight nudge to resume autonomous operation, time capsule service can give the tools to get it back on track. Users may select the appropriate data sources and visualizations, and robot operators may view comprehensive robot status.

Outlook: The market for autonomous robots across industries is fast catching up. It becomes important for the operational teams to understand the factors that contribute to faults in autonomous robots, whether it is a failure to perform a task effectively, select an acceptable path, or navigate in a challenging location. InOrbit’s time capsule upgrade gathers essential data required to analyze various scenarios of an autonomous robot where errors can occur, drive actions and intervene if required.

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