Concept: Lindsay has rolled out a cloud-based remote asset monitoring platform RoadConnect for the transportation industry. The platform provides Departments of Transportation (DOTs) with a single-source solution for maintaining and monitoring key road and highway assets such as crash cushions, guardrails, end terminals, utility poles and bridge structures virtually.

Nature of Disruption: RoadConnect features a user-friendly dashboard that displays asset data and aggregates details, location and status in real-time, providing notifications, email and text alerts to assigned management staff through any web-enabled computer or mobile device. The platform enables cloud-based remote asset monitoring, expanding the area under observation with limited resources. It accurately and reliably captures asset data, improving maintenance and reaction speed to increase operational efficiency and keep roads safe. RoadConnect consolidates information from several assets into a single, simple user interface, along with detailed asset information, including exact locations in a map view. To reduce workers’ time in the field and exposure to traffic as well as allow remote impact detection, a lightweight, self-contained monitoring system ImpactAlert is retrofitted to assets with non-destructive mounting to preserve the integrity of testing and performance standard. RoadConnect aids DOTs increase uptime, health and performance of critical infrastructures while improving operational efficiency with overall road safety.

Outlook: Increasing regulations and decreasing budgets is the biggest challenge for DOTs. Hence, DOTs are looking for a solution that includes maintenance, inventory and remote monitoring capabilities. RoadConnect improves safety and ROI by reducing manual data-capture labor costs, augmenting maintenance effectiveness through faster, reliable updates. RoadConnect and ImpactAlert are on beta testing and after successful outcomes, Lindsay aims to launch them in the US soon. Besides this, the company has planned to integrate Lindsay’s LightGuard Pulse device, a remote streetlight monitoring solution, which monitors and controls lighting through the RoadConnect dashboard.

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