Concept: American multinational technology company NVIDIA has launched Base Command Platform, an AI development hub that provides enterprises access to Nvidia DGX SuperPOD infrastructure on a rental basis. The Base Command Platform is the first product under Nvidia’s AI LaunchPad partner program, and it is being remotely hosted by Equinix.

Nature of Disruption: Base Command Platform supports the AI development lifecycle with a cloud-based interface, a command line API, integrated monitoring, and reporting dashboards. It includes AI and data science technologies, such as Nvidia’s NGCTM software library, and is backed by a network of partners from the storage, digital infrastructure, and machine learning industries. The DGX SuperPOD is a server with 20 or more Nvidia DGX A100 computers with InfiniBand HDR networking. It is equipped with Nvidia’s BlueField-2 data processing units (DPUs), which offload, accelerate, and isolate users and their data, allowing businesses to give private cloud access to DGX SuperPOD infrastructure with firewalled multitenancy.

Outlook: During the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are investing more in data analytics. Many C-suite executives are reporting that data and analytics platforms are the most often adopted new technology, with some stating that their firm is testing AI and machine learning solutions. Nvidia believes that the Base Command Platform can attract some of the increasing IT spending, particularly from firms wanting to shift computing workloads to the cloud.

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