Concept: Texas-based company o9 Solutions (o9) has unveiled an enterprise AI software platform called o9 Digital Brain platform that can help companies to transform their planning and decision-making capabilities across the digital supply chain. It offers a single platform for functions like forecasting and financial planning which is powered by real-time data from internal and external sources.

Nature of Disruption: The Digital Brain platform can assist businesses across industries in transforming supply chain, revenue, and profit and loss planning and decision-making for digital age volatility and complexity. It uses o9’s patented enterprise knowledge graph (EKG), which delivers modeling and computations required to operate next-generation business applications. Data from unstructured and structured internal data sources, including procurement apps, warehouses, customer relationship management software, industrial machinery, and internet of things sensors, can be used to drive forecasting. It can also connect to external sources such as consumer market research, point-of-sale systems, and even smartphone hardware. The platform works on public cloud platforms including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure, and comes with pre-made predictive models adapted to certain scenarios. o9 unifies the data overtime to produce a knowledge graph to represent a network of objects, events, scenarios, or concepts and illustrates the relationship between them, placing data in perspective and giving a framework for analysis. Moreover, it offers models for integrated business planning, revenue management, merchandising, and assortment management in addition to supply chain management and logistics for retail.

Outlook: Companies are unable to anticipate market changes, effectively forecast demand, evaluate demand/supply scenarios, and drive integrated commercial, supply chain, and financial plans and decisions at the speed and scale required to compete in the digital era due to slow and siloed planning capabilities. o9’s AI-powered cloud-native platform aims to empower businesses to make faster, more integrated business choices that provide value to customers and improve financial performance while maximizing resource efficiency. The o9 platform can scale indefinitely because it is a cloud-native application that can run on any of the three major cloud providers. Also, the open platform allows enterprises to utilize new data sources and algorithms for whole new use cases, ranging from customer data from smartphone apps to IoT data from connected machines. In January 2022, the company accumulated $295M from General Atlantic, BeyondNetZero, and Generation Investment Management. It plans to use the funding to expand the Digital Brain platform across different industries and markets. As part of their ongoing partnership, the company has launched Vertex AI Forecast integration with Google Cloud. It can assist retailers and consumer products businesses in developing extremely accurate demand forecasts.

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