Concept: Baltimore-based Opteev Technologies (Opteev) has launched an instant COVID-19 self-diagnosis and monitoring product line called ViraWarn to detect the airborne virus. It includes two types of products: ‘Freedom’ COVID breath analyzer and an instantaneous airborne COVID detector ‘Patriot’. ViraWarn claims to be able to identify any of the COVID-19 variations, or influenza particles in the air and send an audible/LED alert signal via a mobile app.

Nature of Disruption: The handheld Freedom COVID breath analyzer can test for viruses in five seconds. Patriot can be used in a personal setting such as a workstation, dining room, or sitting area. It features automated power modes and flashing LED lights that can indicate if the room is in good or bad shape. ViraWarn leverages its charge transference (CT) technology, which combines advanced biosensors, Edge AI, and proprietary algorithms. The charge transfer complex of spike protein viruses is used in a developed high resistivity media by CT technology. It uses biosensors to detect distinctive electrical polarizability developed when batches of a spike protein virus drift across the modified media. To avoid false-negative and false-positive responses, the generated signal is examined for pattern matching using Edge AI and proprietary algorithms. Depending on the diagnostic condition, the final output is shown on the device as red or green LEDs.

Outlook: In the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, ViraWarn could be a game-changer. It can save individuals from having to take uncomfortable swabs and save time waiting for results. Before entering a group gathering or after leaving a restaurant or public venue, users can instantly screen themselves. It is designed to be used indoors, not for use in automotive because the device has a particular liquid media that must be kept on a steady surface for accurate detection monitoring. The company claims to have tested the devices in both home isolation and hospitals with symptomatic and asymptomatic COVID-19 infected patients. It has showcased the ViraWarn COVID-19 detector at CES 2022.

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