Concept: American mediatech startup Wonder Dynamics has introduced a production tool for filmmakers to deliver blockbuster-level VFX (visual effects) cost-effectively. It leverages AI and cloud services to make items simpler to create original content. In addition to movies and television, the platform can be utilized for video games, social networking material, and even the Metaverse.

Nature of Disruption: The Wonder Dynamics platform is an end-to-end solution for content creators who lack the technical knowledge required to create CG (computer graphics) and VFX content. Users can export output to current workflows and tools for professional artists. It concentrates on post-production but boasts to be able to significantly reduce the amount of hardware, equipment, and additional overhead now required in production. It offers two merchandise: Wallace Interactive, patented know-how that allows viewers to engage in AI-powered conversations with characters in a TV show or film, and Wallace PROduction, according to the founders, can speed up and reduce the cost of producing visible results. Wallace PRO uses its own rendering engine, but the startup is developing extensions to integrate with third-party systems. 

Outlook: It is frequently emphasized how AI and other comparable technological breakthroughs can have a major impact on people’s lives, but only recently have begun to scratch the surface of their potential impact on the media sector. Wonder Dynamics is one of the first companies to investigate this intersection. Visual AI is one of the most significant changes in the industry. It has the potential to enable filmmakers or children from all around the world to realize their films. The better fidelity of today’s cameras and screens need higher CG quality, which has kept the expense and barrier to entry high. The startup’s AI-powered VFX Tool can help unbiased artists produce dazzling VFX and CGI animations for a lower price than is required in the present day. It plans to debut the platform at SXSW (South by Southwest) online festival in 2022. In December 2021, Wonder Dynamics has raised $10M in a funding round led by Horizon Ventures with participation from Epic Games and Samsung Next. It intends to use the funds to expand the team of ML engineers and CG artists to expedite the development of its AI-driven, cloud-based content creation platform, Wonder AI Suit.

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