The Administration Police Service (APS) in Kenya is constructing a new 160-bed hospital for their personnel in Kitui, Kenya.

For decades, the National Police Service (NPS) had been mulling over having their own hospital to care for police personnel (serving and retired), as many continued to get injured in the line of duty, while others died due to lack of proper medical attention.

Since 2000, they have advertised tenders every year to build the new facility in Nairobi.

Now, using just Sh50 ($0.45) contribution from each junior officer, the police service has commenced construction of its own hospital at the Border Patrol Unit campus in Kanyonyo, Kitui county.

They are also using a welfare fund that was collected for almost a year to begin the project, which will be completed this year.

As reported in, Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta toured the facility in November last year and promised to complete the work on the new hospital this year as well as to fully equip it to cater for the needs of the officers.

Initially, the new facility was meant to treat the officers who are injured in the frontline specially at the Kenya-Somalia border, but now the officials have informed that all personnel even from other places including Nairobi will also be treated.

Till date, the injured personnel of NPS have been taken to the Kenya Defence Forces Memorial Hospital in Nairobi and to other private facilities.

Upon completion, the new police hospital will reduce the burden of services and will be open for Kanyonyo area.