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Shirley Accini

Care with confidence: healthcare data security

Data breaches in the healthcare sector are becoming common, in line with the move towards electronic data storage. Dawn Monaghan of the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office speaks to Rod James about the problems posed by new technology, the likely impact of harsher punishments and the need for a complete overhaul of attitudes towards data security.

Crohn’s disease: management and market

GlobalData’s Manoj Abhang details the treatment and management options open for patients suffering from Crohn’s disease. He also examines the condition’s therapeutics market.

Sober realisation: specialist support for the NHS’s alcohol problems

Alcohol-related admissions to hospitals in England have topped the one-million mark for the first time. The solutions some hospitals are putting in place to tackle the problem are timely, as Sir Ian Gilmore, Royal Liverpool Hospital, and Eric Appleby, Alcohol Concern, tell Nic Paton.

Telemedicine: remote-control care

An aging, increasingly obese and unhealthy population is creating challenges and costs for the US healthcare system. This is prompting hospital-based physicians to look closely at how technological advances can improve patient outcomes. Nic Paton talks to Roger Lee Heath of LifeBotic and Rebecca Baute of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center about how telemedicine can help better manage care within the ambulatory setting.

Privacy by Design: improving data security with RFID

Healthcare providers are recognising the benefits of adopting RFID technology into their operations. But widespread use of RFID raises serious questions about data security and confidentiality, and patient privacy and dignity. Healthcare professionals need to understand the steps that can be taken to mitigate potential threats to privacy using the Privacy by Design approach, writes Dr Ann Cavoukian.

To the point: improving injection technique

As device technologies advance and the incidence of diabetes grows, injection technique needs to improve. Debbie Hicks, Fiona Kirkland and Su Down of the Forum for Injection Technique introduce new guidelines that will ensure patients get the right dose, delivered with the correct technique, every time.

Chew the fat: the obesity epidemic

Despite rising worldwide obesity rates, there is a paucity of effective care and treatment available to sufferers. Matt Capehorn and Tam Fry of the UK’s National Obesity Forum talk to Ross Davies about the need for clearer strategies, and creating a greater public understanding of the causes and dangers of a condition threatening to become chronic.

Personalised wound care

Early detection and treatment is known to improve the outcome for many patients. President of the American Board of Wound Management Professor Robert J Snyder discusses the introduction of point-of-care diagnosis in wound care, which has the potential to revolutionise the way patients, particularly those with diabetes, are cared for.

Flu jabs in the workplace

The question of whether or not healthcare workers receive a ‘flu jab’ continues to stir heated debate. Some see it as a matter of personal choice, others as professional responsibility. But, as Dr Alison McGeer tells Andrew Tunnicliffe, it’s simply a matter of education and leadership.