Are you treating patients with hypertension or diabetes?
Hypertension is not only a widespread disease; it is very often the reason for heart attacks and strokes – the number one cause of death. But hypertension is painless…

Vascular Explorer – quick and easy measurement of PWV and AIx

Arterial hypertension and arterial stiffness are closely connected pathophysiologically. Higher blood pressure makes the arterial walls stiffer. This increases the speed of the aortic pulse wave, causing the reflected pulse wave to return to the aorta earlier, thereby increasing blood pressure further. This leads to a higher systolic blood pressure in the periphery.

With the Vascular Explorer you can measure the aortic pulse wave velocity (PWV) and the augmentation index (AIx) conveniently and simply, allowing you to identify changes in the arterial walls. With this information you can prescribe the most suitable medication for your patients to optimize treatment.

Vascular Explorer – determination of the ankle-brachial-index (ABI)

Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) often precedes cardiovascular disorders, which may have dramatic consequences for the patient. Several studies have shown that the ABI is an essential test for early diagnosis of PAD. With the Vascular Explorer accurate measurement of the ABI is possible, instead of performing a time consuming and potentially inconsistent Doppler examination.

The occlusion pressure in the arteries of the upper arm and ankle are measured on one side of the body simultaneously using plethysmography. This is a particularly precise and reliable method.

The two cuffs are easily applied around the ankle and upper arm. PPG sensors are then attached to a finger and toe. The inflation of the cuffs, the collection of the data and the calculation of the ABI is fully automated and controlled by our Windows®-based software.

PWV, AIx and ABI are calculated automatically and presented graphically. In this way you can save time and money.

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