Do you operate a three dimensional ECG, which shows you the spatial structures of the electric potentials of the heart in depolarization and repolarization stages?

The Cardiologic Explorer offers you this functionality, which is called cardiogoniometry.

By simply placing five electrodes you can make the spread of the electric potentials in the heart visible and receive information about homogeneity and myocardial mass. As such it is very easy to get an early diagnosis of ischemia.

Furthermore the Cardiologic Explorer enables fast and reliable diagnosis of:

  • LVH

Recording the necessary data takes only a few seconds. Consequently you can save a considerable amount of time and money.

Cardiogoniometry provides safe and reliable results and guarantees cost savings.

What can you expect from the Cardiologic Explorer?

The Cardiologic Explorer offers the following capabilities:

  • Assessment of the spatial propagation of depolarization and repolarization in the heart
  • Clear identification of deformation in the posterior wall
  • Detection of ischemic areas at rest, significantly reducing stress for your patients

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