Nations HealthCareer School of Management has just published the curriculum for its seventh International Hospital Management MBA Programme for experienced healthcare managers in full-time employment, starting in October 2005.

The part-time 18-month MBA course is aimed at executives in the fields of medicine, sciences, engineering, administration and business. The course equips graduates with the practical and theoretical skills required to manage hospitals and health facilities in a quality-oriented, results-driven business environment. Drawing on case studies from the healthcare sector and other industries, the programme aims to develop graduates’ analytical and critical faculties far beyond the scope customarily found in this sector at national level. The programme is made up of eight attendance modules, each lasting 8,5 days, as well as several e-learning units. Students on the course come from Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, and have an average of 10 years’ professional experience. The programme thus transcends national borders and healthcare policies, with modules taught in Germany, Netherlands or Spain, the United Arab Emirates (Dubai), Great Britain, USA, Singapore, Japan or China and Austria.

Starting with the Autumn 2005 course the MBA module “Management in Different Healthcare Systems” will be offered now in Beijing, China. “China is one of the most important upcoming markets in healthcare delivery and management”, says Mrs Dagmar Möller, Managing Director of Nations HealthCareer School. Due to the fact that in October 2002, the Chinese government issued a resolution to reform its healthcare services sector till 2008, the main goal is now for them to attract foreign investment to develop non-government-owned medical institutions and to provide better training to China’s two million doctors, one million nurses, and thousands of clinicians and medical management personnel.

Alternating with the spring and autumn courses the module “Management in Different Healthcare Systems” will be offered always in the Autumn courses in China and in the spring courses in Japan. New in the Autumn 2005 programme is also the module 2 in Spain.