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Proactive Quality Management in Clinical Trials

17 and 18 October, London, UK

Arena International is pleased to announce its first Proactive Quality Management in Clinical Trials event, to be held in London on 17 and 18 October.

The conference will focus on a number of areas to develop your understanding of the importance of proactivity when implementing clinical trials effectively.

Proactive quality management conference programme

Conference programme topics include:

  • Getting behind the audit findings curve: need for implementation of a proactive quality management model and organisation
  • Addressing the challenges you will face head-on to stay ahead of a changing quality landscape
  • Comparing the FDA’s Risk-Based Approach to Monitoring guideline with European practice to understand why we need to change
  • Recognising the need for a systematic approach to encourage the integration of quality with the entire clinical study process
  • A more proactive approach to quality by design through building quality into your trial process
  • Pinpointing common clinical trial expectations to allow better preparation during planning and execution
  • Maintaining your objectives of saving cost and time while reducing emerging economies integration risks
  • The importance of CAPA in complying with ISO 9000 and ICH GCP 5.1.1

As the clinical trials industry and regulators become more proactive in their approach to quality, traditional assurance methods are being replaced with quality management in the planning and execution of clinical trials.

Key speakers from top pharmaceutical companies

The event will feature senior-level professionals from top pharmaceutical companies across Europe. There will be a series of case studies to advise you on developing your processes and practices to maintain quality throughout your clinical trial.

Attend the conference and have the chance to hear from:

  • Andreas Wirth – global head pharma development, Merck
  • Carla Wandt – global head CPO QA, Novartis Pharmaceuticals
  • Daniel Williams – associate director, global R and D quality assurance, Johnson and Johnson Pharmaceuticals
  • Elisabetta Di Martino – development vendor quality manager, Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics
  • Gabriele Vital Durand – international medical leader, Roche
  • Geoff Taylor – clinical quality assurance, Eisai
  • Guido Lathouwers – head global clinical quality management, Merck
  • Idoia Herrero – monitoring trial coordinator, Almirall Pharmaceuticals
  • Jeanette Dixon – associate director, quality assurance, GCP/GLP, Daiichi Sankyo
  • Jennifer Emerson – project compliance manager, Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Joesfa Ruiz Irvine – head clinical quality assurance- biopharmaceuticals, Sandoz International
  • Karen Schoonis – director quality management, Shire Pharmaceuticals
  • Keith Miller – associate director, global R and D quality assurance, Janssen Pharmaceuticals
  • Kevin Perkins – director QA, GSK
  • Michael Mihut – quality management, WHO
  • Nurain Chaudhry – senior manager, European GCP/GLP compliance, Forest Laboratories
  • Paul Strickland – regional head, GCQA Amgen
  • Pauline Taylor – regional head GCTO-GCQM, Merck
  • Peggy Douka – director, area clinical quality lead, Pfizer

Don’t miss out on this fantastic event. Places are limited, so book early to avoid disappointment.

For more information or to book your place, please use the contact details below.

Proactive Quality Management in Clinical Trials


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