Following the success of the first Temperature Maintenance of Biopharmaceuticals in 2012, the conference is returning for a second time to Boston, MA, on 5 – 6 June. It will focus on the latest approaches to monitoring and managing product temperatures throughout the supply chain.

With an extensive programme in place, covering all aspects of both commercial and clinical supply chains, Temperature Maintenance of Biopharmaceuticals is the crucial conference to attend for all those focused on temperature maintenance and distribution within the pharmaceutical sector.

The continued adaptation of stringent regulation in the US requires new and innovative ways to be compliant whilst continuing to be cost-effective and efficient. Attendance will provide a unique opportunity to discuss and share both new ideas and important challenges with industry leaders, covering these issues.

Event programme includes effective cold-chain strategies and temperature monitoring technologies

This year’s conference features a case study-packed agenda providing insight into the biggest challenges surrounding temperature maintenance, regulation and compliance. Hot topics at the event include:

Temperature Maintenance of Biopharmaceuticals will look at the latest temperature maintenance and monitoring techniques to ensure regulatory compliance.
The programme will include temperature maintenance and compliance strategies.
The conference will include networking and roundtable discussions.
  • Evaluating cold chain strategies, including stability data requirements and ensuring temperature management in last mile distribution
  • Packaging and temperature monitoring technology development
  • FDA Presentation on current and upcoming ambient temperature regulations
  • Improving efficiency and relationship management with logistic companies

Widespread round table discussions, led by the industry’s largest decision makers, highlight a thorough networking package that will allow for attendees to participate and discuss crucial topics encompassing Temperature Maintenance in Biopharmaceuticals.

Presentations by leading industry figures

Presentations will be made by a vast collection of the industry’s leaders including:

  • Ted Poplawski – assistant director, FDA
  • Neritan Mustafa – associate director, Logistics, Genzyme
  • Kelly Milan – distribution team lead, Pfizer
  • Jackie Kozo – trial supply manager, Johnson and Johnson
  • Percy Swift – global logistics lead, Merck

The full speaker lineup can be viewed on our website.

Special offer for biotech / pharma VPs / directors

Arena will exclusively be offering a number of free places that are reserved for VPs / directors from biotech and pharma manufacturers. If you are a biotech / pharma VP or director and are interested in attending the conference, please visit the event website and quote ‘MK-KGPT’ in the reference section.