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John Carpenter House, John Carpenter Street, London, EC4Y 0AN, United Kingdom

John Carpenter House, John Carpenter Street, London, EC4Y 0AN, United Kingdom

The Industry Report Store is a leading online resource for market research across a wide variety of industries, sectors, regions and countries. With over 150,000 in-depth reports across 40 industries in over 100 countries, our goal is to provide the best possible information in the form of analysis, forecasts, news and commentary.

Our team of over 700 experts are dedicated to providing full coverage of your chosen industry with the use of both detailed and reliable primary and secondary sources including expert analysis, sector surveys and trend evaluation. Our reports present to you every aspect you need when evaluating your company and your industry. These aspects include market trends, industry forecasts, market dynamics, mergers and acquisitions, company profiles and consumer behaviour.

With a wide range of reports readily available online, find the right information and market insight to support you in your decision-making.

Woundcare, medical imaging and radiology technology analysis

The coverage provided by the brand Global Data ranges from both ends of the procurement chain, detailing new products, technology, services and procedures that can provide an improved and more efficient management of hospital facilities.

With analysis on new products that focus on woundcare and infestation control, and medical imaging and radiology technologies, we provide the necessary information to allow clinicians and managerial staff to make the correct purchases.

Market reports for the hospital industry

Our reports have been created in order to give you an advantage by providing you with knowledge on current issues such as positioning, industry dynamics and competitor analysis. They will also assist you in your future decision making, forecasting and planning or helping you to decide whether to enter a new market.

Our reports benefit and assist a number of members and teams within an organisation, including CEOs, MDs, business owners and entrepreneurs, sales and marketing teams, R&D, business development and HR.

So if you are looking for a chance to enter this market, expand your current industry standing, or to find the best products for your hospital, we offer you the opportunity to invest in the correct tools for your decision making.

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