GE Healthcare IT presents the new solution for image and information management with ultra-fast web image distribution, based on the patented ‘pixel-on-demand’ technology, at this year’s MEDICA. With Centricity Advanced Web, RIS/PACS fulfils the high expectations of clinicians and referrers towards a modern image management solution, as well as the increased demand for clinical tools in home offices.

The new applications, Centricity Advanced Web and PACS-IW, are the perfect complement to the existing solutions portfolio. For any necessity of a referring physician, a radiologist or clinician, the applicable solution can be found, enabling an easy and ultra-fast, web-based access to state-of-the-art applications, fast image display and clinical tools.

Centricity PACS-IW comes up to the expectations of smaller installations and meets the demands of referring physicians for advanced post-processing tools. The new web-based PACS solution is user-friendly, easy and fast to install, yet offering modern clinical tools such as MIP/MPR and advanced 3D technology, in order to easily evaluate huge sets of data.

Centricity Advanced Web, as an addition to the Centricity PACS Enterprise and Centricity Archive, is the ideal solution for the high expectations of clinicians who want to stay flexible, need a rich set of tools and wish to immediately discuss diagnostic results with their patient. With specialisms ranging from a pulmologist to a neurologist, or an oncologist to orthopedist, all can see their requirements being fulfilled. Even with a low bandwidth, the solution grants access to a big set of tools with a simple internet connection: MIP/MPR, integrated ultrasound, mammography and orthopedic tools, easy second opinion consulting, printing and burning of CDs from any PC, and a lot more.

The highlights are a very fast streaming technology with ‘pixel-on-demand’, image in report, the easy authorization concept via ‘grant access’ and the selective compression of image data up to diagnostic quality. All together, these are functions that make Centricity Advanced Web an attractive solution for referring physicians.