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GE Healthcare provides global eHealth solutions and services to healthcare providers, health insurances and governmental agencies. These solutions aim at simplifying the collection and exchange of data among a large variety of legacy clinical systems, including imaging products like RIS, PACS, HIS, EMR, as well as laboratories, pharmacies and other devices involved in diagnostic or patient monitoring.

By facilitating the access to complete patient data across multiple locations and systems, eHealth solutions provide a step further towards evidence-based medicine, which will result in enhanced quality of care, improved productivity, and reduction of costs and medical errors.

All of GE Healthcare’s connectivity technologies rely on full implementations of the Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) international standards such as cross enterprise document sharing (XDS), DICOM and HL7, in order to collect and aggregate patient data produced by various modalities, from hospitals and hospital networks up to regional projects.

Centricity Radiology – boundaryless patient information sharing

Enhancing the quality of patient care and addressing the needs of IT professionals, GE Healthcare’s latest imaging solution – the XDS-enabled Centricity Enterprise Archive – made its European debut in 2010. It simplifies the archiving of ‘multi-ology’ images, huge datasets, diagnostic reports, and other clinical information, delivering a universal repository.

GE Healthcare provides global eHealth solutions and services to healthcare providers, health insurances and governmental agencies.
Centricity Radiology enables boundaryless patient information sharing.
Centricity clinical information systems are ideal for surveillance, care and treatment in intensive care units.
Centricity Mammography enables streamlined mammography workflow.
GE Healthcare's Centricity Cardiology system meets the cardiologist's demand for advanced data management and PACS capabilities.

The unified, standards-based architecture that is delivered with the new archive technology, combined with support for IHE-XDS/XDSi and an intuitive, web-based viewer, enables healthcare organisations to realise their vision of multi-disciplinary information exchange. Even more, via one consolidated IT-infrastructure, enterprise-wide information archiving is supported across multiple vendors’ applications.

Centricity Mammography – streamlined mammography workflow

The increased use of digital mammography calls for an efficient solution to handle post-acquisition workflow. Centricity Mammography provides you with user flexibility, multi-faceted collaboration and clinical data integrity. High-performance viewing tools are easily accessible with a click of your mouse and the user interface is ergonomically designed to simplify navigation and improve your viewing comfort.

The Centricity Mammography and RIS/PACS integrate seamlessly to ensure high performance and quality driven workflow.

Centricity Cardiology – advanced data management

GE Healthcare’s commitment to interoperability can also be seen in its cardiology IT solutions. Together with RIS/PACS the system meets the cardiologist’s demand for advanced data management and PACS capabilities within a common infrastructure for cardiology and radiology.

Centricity CA1000 and AW-Suite is a successful combination of review possibilities and state-of-the-art 3D analysis tools. The current version of Centricity Carddas is based on .NET™ technology and offers a comprehensive set of features to streamline the department’s workflow.

Centricity clinical information systems – surveillance, care and treatment in intensive care units

GE Healthcare’s new solution for information management in ICU departments, the Centricity clinical notification system (CNS), notifies the clinicians whenever a programmed event occurs. CNS allows the definition of conditions based on any combination of relevant patient data, e.g. from the different connected devices. The conditions of notifications can be related to clinical events, protocols or data completeness, e.g. if a patient’s blood haemoglobin level is out of the user’s set goal.

The purpose of this technological breakthrough is to help clinicians when evaluating the patient’s health condition by automatically searching available data from the Centricity database. CNS then compares the results to user-defined rules and identifies potentially relevant clinical events by bringing them to the user’s attention. Accordingly, ICU staff can check the clinical significance of the notification and follow up on eventually required actions before the situation becomes critical for the patient.

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