NORAS offers various self-developed MR coils for multifunctional applications, as well as a great deal of biopsy accessories.

NORAS develops, manufactures and merchandises products for use with MR imaging units from leading manufacturers such as Siemens, Philips and General Electric.

MR imaging coils

With the NORAS 8-Ch multipurpose coil (CPC), the coil pair can be employed as an 8-channel coil for many different areas, e.g. for extremity examinations in orthopaedics. Thanks to its flexibility, the NORAS 8-Ch multipurpose coil can be nicely positioned at different regions of the human body. The special coil configuration enables parallel imaging in different directions up to a factor of six. The coil elements are freely movable within two axes: P/A-head-feet and P/A-left-right, each 360°. Special arrangements of the coils allow parallel imaging.

With its eight small elements this compact array has been designed for the high-resolution examination of smaller regions: extremities, joints, jaw bone, orbita, inner ear and carotid artery. It can also be used in paediatrics with our special positioning accessories.

NORAS 8-Ch CPC for multifunctional purposes.
NORAS OR head holder with 8-Ch coil for MR guided neurosurgery purposes.
NORAS 4-Ch breast biopsy coil for Siemens MR scanners.
NORAS patient rest without coils for breast imaging and biopsy with Philips MR scanners.
NORAS breast biopsy unit with height-adjustable grid.

Surgical head coil

Thanks to its two-part construction, after removal of the upper section, the NORAS 8-Ch OR head coil offers unobstructed access to the area of interest for the surgeon during the operation. The upper section is then reinstalled in the identical position for intraoperative or final imaging. This ensures optimum comparability of the images.

MR breast coils

The NORAS 4-channel mamma coil, in combination with the NORAS fixation and positioning unit, is used for biopsies of suspicious areas of the female breast. The well-established patient rest with its clever integrated pair of coils offers maximum comfort to the patient and very good accessibility of the patient’s breast to the doctor.

The NORAS 4-channel breast coil consists of a removable 2-channel pad coil system (PPC) and a 2-channel insertion coil (IPC). The NORAS biopsy unit (post-and-pillar and grid) enables lateral, medial or cranio-caudal biopsy or marker wiring.

Patient rest and biopsy device

The NORAS patient rest PH-BI320-PA consists of its comfortable patient rest and a biopsy device. The diagnostic imaging is enabled by a 4-channel Sense™ body coil from Philips, which is integrated into the patient rest with the help of foam wedges. For biopsy, the Philips circular C1 coil can also be used together with the body coil in the device.

Thanks to the slightly tilted design of the patient rest, generous cranio-caudal access space is available for breast biopsies. Additional access space is gained in the rear area for improved manual access by the user. The immobilisation device can be rotated by 360°. This ensures optimal access to the lesion (270°).

The puncture is possible even in areas close to the chest wall (axillary region) thanks to the positioning device with telescopic post-and-pillar system. The modular construction of the system enables inexpensive solutions as the fixation unit can be delivered either with post-and-pillar or with grid.

The design of the patient rest permits medial, lateral and cranio-caudal access.