Medical Recording Chart Papers

130 Wilbur Place, Dept. P.C., NY 11716, Bohemia,Other, United States of America

130 Wilbur Place, Dept. P.C., NY 11716, Bohemia,Other, United States of America

Precision Charts, Inc. (PCI) is an ISO-registered manufacturer of high-quality recording chart papers for medical, industrial and scientific applications.

The converting and printing of recording charts is PCI’s sole focus. We produce printed charts for analog recorders and thermal array recorders, and paper for data terminal printers. We are a major supplier to medical and industrial OEMs and major distributors.

Recording chart papers

We produce recording chart paper in all standard sizes, and can also manufacture customer-specific sizes and configurations.

Our range of recording chart papers includes cardiology recording charts. Our ECG (EKG) recording paper can be produced on thermal paper, pen and ink papers, laser papers, and any other media capable of recording.

Fetal monitoring chart paper

Our state-of-the art equipment, from high-speed slitting machines to rotary printing presses, ensures that our fetal monitoring chart paper and other recording chart papers are produced to the highest standards, using only the highest quality thermal paper.

Ultrasound / OBGYN recording chart paper

PCI produces ultrasound / OBGYN recording chart paper in all standard sizes. We can also manufacture all of our thermal printer rolls to customer-specific sizes and configurations.

We hold large inventories of thermal printer rolls and other products for immediate shipment. We also offer private label and stock products for specific needs.

Ambulatory / EMS recording charts for defibrillators

PCI holds large inventories of medical recording chart papers for immediate shipment. We also offer private label and stock for specific needs. Our recording chart papers are used in various industries such as health, petrochemical, law enforcement, and transportation, to name a few. Our range includes ambulatory / EMS recording charts for defibrillators.

Recording chart printer paper

PCI recording chart printer papers are available in a large range of sizes and widths. PCI can produce private labeled products to your specifications in rolls or packs.

Custom packaging for recording chart paper

PCI recording chart paper products are produced and packaged in your choice of the following packaging lines:

  • Cardiographics logo line: in use for over 35 years in hospitals and doctors’ offices
  • Private label: all items can be customized with your private label packaging to promote your name
  • Generic product: no logo and no manufacturer identification enables you to sell generic product or attach your own labels or your customers’ identification
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