Ekahau is the worldwide leader in Wi-Fi-based RTLS solutions. These solutions include asset tracking, patient flow and safety, staff safety, infection control and wireless temperature and humidity monitoring. Ekahau’s customers, including several Fortune 500 companies worldwide, are realizing the benefits of Wi-Fi-based location services and innovative Wi-Fi network planning and optimization tools. Today, Ekahau’s solutions are used in more than 300 hospitals, as well as in manufacturing, retail and industrial companies, government agencies and the military.

Wi-Fi-based RTLS healthcare asset tracking solution

By implementing the Ekahau RTLS asset tracking solution, any hospital staff member can find any tagged hospital asset, in real time, anywhere on campus. This leads to increased utilization and improved patient care. Ekahau RTLS enables the distribution of assets across departments or even multiple facilities to be optimized. Underutilized equipment can be reallocated and excess rental capacity can be eliminated resulting in an excellent ROI for the system.

Wi-Fi pagers for hospital staff safety

The most valuable assets in any hospital are the members of the staff. Caregivers and other hospital staff members can be exposed to risky situations throughout their routine work day.

Ekahau enables mobile staff members to send a distress signal along with their location to security personnel and other staff members. Ekahau’s unique T301BD Wi-Fi pagers can be located throughout a hospital or long-term care facility campus with a resolution down to 1m using the facility’s existing Wi-Fi network.

The Ekahau T301A asset tag is a Wi-Fi RTLS tag for asset and inventory tracking with automatic motion detection and two call buttons for customized alarms and other notifications.
The Ekahau T301BD Wi-Fi pager, designed for staff and other personnel tracking applications, is a locating device that enables users to receive and send text messages.
The Ekahau T301W is the industry's first Wi-Fi-based wearable tag designed to be worn by patients, employees, children and other individuals, enabling real-time visibility into a person's exact location.
The Ekahau hand hygiene solution combines T301BD staff badges and Ekahau beacon technology. This solution enables monitoring and managing hand washing compliance, which can significantly reduce hospital-acquired infections.
The HS1 humidity tags provide an automated way to measure and monitor relative humidity and surrounding temperature. The TS temperature tags are for monitoring freezer and refrigerator temperatures in hospitals.

RTLS for patient safety

Patient safety and high-quality patient care are two parameters that define the mission of most hospitals today. RTLS helps to improve patient safety and the quality of care by reporting the whereabouts of patients at all times. Ekahau RTLS enables alerts for entry and exit events; a person leaving or entering a building or a pre-defined zone. The T301W wearable tag can be used as a call button for patients. It also acknowledges the signal that the call is being addressed.

RTLS infection control solution

Monitoring and managing hand washing compliance can significantly reduce hospital-acquired infections (HAIs). Ekahau RTLS offers a unique ability to track the location and staff interactions with patients and to measure hand hygiene activity down to the individual caregiver. The hand hygiene solution combines Ekahau T301BD location-enabled staff badges and Ekahau beacons that are embedded into GOJO’s SmartLink™ Series Dispensers.

The staff badges enable the RTLS system to automatically monitor staff-patient interactions, as well as when the staff member washes his or her hands before and after interacting with a patient. Because the Ekahau RTLS runs over the existing Wi-Fi network, the hand hygiene solution is cost-effective and easy to deploy.

Wireless temperature monitoring system

As an alternative to manual processes or proprietary wired systems, the Ekahau Wi-Fi-based temperature monitoring and management system allows hospitals to quickly deploy a solution that not only meets regulatory compliance requirements but is easy to deploy and costs a fraction of what other systems cost. Because the Ekahau temperature tags are Wi-Fi-based and are battery powered, there is no need to run cabling for connectivity or power, or to install any proprietary infrastructure to support the tag communications.