Lausanne, Switzerland — Swiss digital signage manufacturer SpinetiX will be showcasing a live digital signage system that represents many projects in operation around the globe today on their stand at ISE 2010. Its HMP100™ Hyper Media Player will be integrated with the Poster Digital 1.0 web-based digital signage management software tool from Madrid-based engineering company Tecnilogica Soluciones Avanzadas.

“Poster Digital 1.0 has been created with the HMP100 in mind,” says Jorge Gutiérrez, MD at Tecnilogica Soluciones Avanzadas. “The failsafe Poster Digital 1.0 software is able to control most of the configuration parameters of the HMP100, as well as the content and interactive features of the HMP100 in real-time.

An easy-to-use interface designed by one of Spain’s leading user experience designers, Jesús Gorriti, ensures that basic digital signage tasks such as user-selectable content, management and scheduling are intuitive as possible. The Poster Digital 1.0 software is made for its intended application, installation time is very simple and the system can be remotely managed from our data centre in Madrid.”

Most of the processes are automated and the user is involved in monitoring the digital signage and updating content.

The integration of the HMP100 and Poster Digital 1.0 is aimed at small to medium installations. Today, the integration between the two companies can be found in operation at over 300 digital signage installations across the world ranging from hospitality, industrial, educational to even property applications.

“One such installation that we are very proud of is the Senado de España (Spanish senate) where a busy and small team on a daily basis sets up and manages content for display over 25 screens, a process that takes less than one hour for each staff member on each day. It’s that easy,” says Serge Konter, marketing manager for SpinetiX.

“We’re excited about bringing the integration of the two products to ISE 2010 and demonstrating to our current partners as well as new customers the ease in which the HMP100 can be integrated with the Poster Digital 1.0 software from Technilogica. The integration is a match made in heaven!”

The last word goes to Jorge Gutiérrez: “In SpinetiX we have found a very reliable partner with a profound knowledge of the digital signage market. The HMP100 is an extremely robust appliance and one we feel comfortable building our own business around. Already gaining success, the HMP100 has already been shortlisted as a finalist in the video-processing category for the 2010 InAVation Awards, which will be presented at the official InAVate awards ceremony at the ISE show.”