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Research and Diagnostic Products, Immunoassays, Proteins and Antibodies

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The research and diagnostic products division (established in 1995) of BioVendor is an innovative and rapidly growing biotechnology company. BioVendor’s key strength stems from our research professionals’ ability to track important proteins and peptides with respect to their proposed diagnostic value and to set new targets.

BioVendor’s R&D efforts are aimed at rapidly growing fields of interest within the international research and diagnostic community, such as obesity/metabolic syndrome/diabetes, cardiovascular physiology, renal disease and injury, bone metabolism/osteoporosis, infection/inflammation, neural tissue damage markers and animal model research.

Commercial immunoassays, recombinant proteins and antibodies

Our long-term R&D activities have resulted in the development and manufacturing of new products – some of which are still unique and some which were the first commercial immunoassays, recombinant proteins or antibodies available on the market.


BioVendor develops immunoassays for the detection of newly identified protein markers in samples of human or animal origin. The development of new kits is targeted to the needs of research groups within the international scientific and biotechnology community as well as to clinical laboratory applications.

BioVendor’s use of modern immunoassay formats has enabled high assay sensitivity, with an emphasis on superior analytical characteristics and user-friendly kit performance.

Expressed recombinant proteins and isolated natural proteins

BioVendor’s use of modern recombinant protein technologies has overcome many production limitations and enabled the preparation of a wide range of proteins, facilitating research among the scientific community. Using production designs that take advantage of bacterial and mammalian cell expression systems, BioVendor produces a wide range of HEK293 and E.coli-expressed recombinant proteins and isolated natural proteins.

The BioVendor recombinant protein facility undergoes substantial upgrading aimed at upscaling production volumes and improving both analytical and biological characterizations of the products. BioVendor provides its recombinant protein production service based on customers’ specifications.

Monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies

BioVendor produces a wide range of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies for the international research community. Monoclonal antibodies prepared using hybridoma technology are protein-G purified. Polyclonal antibodies are prepared using optimized immunization protocols and the resultant antibodies are then purified on antigen-immobilized columns. BioVendor provides application data for its antibodies and can provide immunoassay manufacturers with matched antibody pairs.

Analytical testing services

The BioVendor analytical testing service offers complete sample analyses as measured by our assays, which are fully validated for clinical study designs. BioVendor is a direct assay kit manufacturer, giving our staff a unique understanding of assay performance and enabling us to adjust and validate our existing assays to other types of matrices (urine, tissue biopsy extract, CSF, BALF, saliva, etc.).

We guarantee a detailed documentation throughout our handling of samples, and store the samples for six months after performing the analysis, as well as assuring confidentiality, accuracy, and responsiveness to our clients’ needs. This guarantee is based on the established quality assurance system.

About us

Our customers include the world’s top-ranking scientific institutions, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, and clinical laboratories. As a result, we have recently opened branches in Germany, the US and China, to expedite distribution, improve our customer service and strengthen the existing worldwide network of BioVendor distributors.

BioVendor is EN ISO 13485:2000, ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 certified, assuring that the development and manufacturing processes of all our products meet all the quality control and environmental management criteria required.

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CTPark Modrice

Evropska 873


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Czech Republic