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Laboratory Diagnostics Reagents and Equipment

HUMAN is today one of the few global players in the in vitro diagnostics industry. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive range of reliable diagnostics of excellent quality at competitive prices.

Max-Planck-Ring 21,
D 65205 Wiesbaden,

Max-Planck-Ring 21,
D 65205 Wiesbaden,

HUMAN is today one of the few global players in the in vitro diagnostics industry. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive range of reliable diagnostics of excellent quality at competitive prices. With our network of local partners we fulfil customer and market needs to improve health services all over the world.

HUMAN maintains what is perhaps the broadest distribution and service and support network in the world, capable of reaching almost anywhere on the planet. Almost 40 years ago HUMAN was founded as a specialist for clinical chemistry reagents. Over the years it has successfully expanded its competence to a broad range of laboratory diagnostics, including a comprehensive automated system solution. From the beginning, research and development coupled with modern production in Germany has been the core of HUMAN’s activities, a tradition that will continue into the future.

HUMAN’s vision is to become a synonym for diagnostics worldwide.

Clinical chemistry reagents and instruments

Clinical chemistry reagents and instruments are the backbone of HUMAN’s worldwide diagnostics business. HUMAN has been developing liquid stable reagents for the clinical chemistry laboratory for over 35 years.

HUMAN’s reagents are predominantly in liquid format and most contain lipid clearing factor (LCF). These aspects are combined with long shelf lives and excellent cost efficiency. Kit formats have been optimised for various customer needs. Over 50 assay types cover mass parameters as well as less common assays and are available for:

  • Substrates
  • Enzymes
  • Immunoturbidimetry

Automated hematology analysers

HUMAN’s automated hematology analysers are designed for small to large laboratories and range from 20 to 60 samples throughput per hour. HUMAN offers both three-part and five-part differential instruments with specially developed dedicated reagents suitable for human and animal applications.

The HumaCount 5 is an automated hematology analyser with five-part WBC differential, while the HumaCount 5L automated hematology analyser features patented optical five-part WBC differential measurement by laser scatter.

The HumaCount 60TS and HumaCount 30TS automated hematology analysers feature three-part WBC differential.

Rapid screening tests

HUMAN offers a comprehensive line of rapid screening tests based on different technologies: immunochromatographic, latex agglutination, bacterial and hemagglutination assays.

HUMAN rapid screening tests are designed and manufactured according to high European quality standards and provide accurate, reliable results. The tests are easy to use, require no instrumentation and allow rapid and cost-effective diagnosis. The range covers:

  • Infectious diseases
  • Allergies
  • Pregnancy
  • Cardiac markers
  • Tumour markers
  • Rheumatology
  • Drugs of abuse

ELISA tumour markers

Tumour markers are most frequently used for disease course and therapeutic monitoring. After surgery and/or chemo, radio or hormone therapy, tumour markers are determined for control and monitoring of therapeutic efficiency. In addition, recurrent tumours and metastases will often be detected several months before their clinical manifestation, providing an early opportunity for initiation of, or changes in, therapy.

Automated ELISA analysers

HUMAN’s automated ELISA analysers cover the requirements of small to large ELISA laboratories. Full automation is available for one, two or four plates with different test combinations on each plate. Sample barcode reading for secure, automatic sample identification is standard on the larger instruments. All HUMAN ELISA tests are pre-programmed and additional applications can be added any time.

Elisys Quattro is a fully automated ELISA analyser for medium and high throughput. Elisys Duo is a fully automated ELISA analyzer. It is the best solution for the medium throughput segment. Elisys Uno is a one-plate fully automated ELISA analyser for all kinds of laboratories.

Comprehensive range of laboratory diagnostics equipment

The above products are just a sample of the huge range of diagnostics equipment that HUMAN offers. Please visit HUMAN’s website to see more products, or contact the company to find out how your specific requirements can be catered for.

HUMAN Gesellschaft für Biochemica und Diagnostica mbH

Max-Planck-Ring 21

D 65205 Wiesbaden