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Rapid Urine Tests for Glucose and pH Levels

Tromed specialises in manufacturing and marketing total in-vitro diagnostic urine test strip products.

91 Caledonian Road,
N1 9BT London,
United Kingdom

Tromed specialises in manufacturing and marketing total in-vitro diagnostic urine test strip products.

Dip and read urine test strips for glucose and ascorbic acid levels

The company provides dip and read urine test strips for blood, bilirubin, urobilinogen, ketones, proteins, nitrite, glucose, pH, specific gravity, leucocytes and ascorbic acid in urine.

A urine sample can be used to check for particular diseases such as diabetes or liver disease, and monitor its progress.

Urine test strips can also provide an indication of a urinary tract infection.

By examining urine, indications for diseases of the urinary system can be detected, and can also provide evidence of metabolic diseases such as diabetes and liver disease.

There are five standard urine tests for examining different components of urine. Two of these tests can also be done at home, while the other three are only possible in a laboratory.

Tromed’s test strips can check the quality of urine, when ‘clean’ midstream fluid not infected with bacteria is used.

Rapid urine tests for acute symptoms

In addition, the company provides rapid urine tests, which is the quickest method of examination.

A test strip with small square colour fields is dipped in urine for a few seconds, with only a small waiting time for results.

Depending on the concentration of the substance on the test strip, the fields change colour.

The colour of the fields is compared against a colour table, which is printed on the urine test packaging. This clearly shows what colours indicate normal and deviating values.

Rapid urine tests are usually completed as part of a routine examination. The tests can be used for acute symptoms such as lower abdominal pain, back pain, or blood in urine.

Urine testing for pH levels

The company also provides pH test strips that are designed to check pH of urine and saliva.

The strips provide an indication of the pH in the human body, and allow changes to be monitored.

In addition, the strips can help change the body for a better acid alkaline balance through dietary and lifestyle changes.

Acid and alkaline monitoring

Tromed’s pH test strips are optimised for the measurement of internal pH balance with a dual-pad layout, which means they are easy to read.

Strips also provide more accurate results than standard pH papers in local pharmacies.

The pH test strips are calibrated from pH4.5-pH9, and give an accurate measure of internal pH balance within ten seconds of dipping them into urine or saliva. Each pack contains 80 strips.


91 Caledonian Road

N1 9BT


United Kingdom