Greiner Bio-One is launching a new product as part of its VACUETTE® line – the innovative EVOPROTECT SAFETY Blood Collection Set. The groundbreaking safety product meets the rigorous requirements of the EU Directive 2010/32. An innovative safety mechanism that can be conveniently activated while the needle is in the vein protects blood collection staff against potential injuries. Every needlestick injury is one too many!

Maximum safety

While the needle is still in the patient’s vein, the semi-automatic safety mechanism is activated by pressing the release button on the side of the product. Thanks to the spring mechanism, the needle is gently retracted without the need for any further action by the user. A clearly audible click indicates successful activation of the mechanism. The needle remains irreversibly enclosed within the casing.

High ease of use and patient comfort

The needle tip enables especially gentle venepuncture. In addition, the thin needle walls increase the blood flow rate. Product development of the VACUETTE EVOPROTECT SAFETY Blood Collection Set placed particular emphasis on ensuring maximum stability of the needle in the vein and on patient comfort and ease of use. Particular attention was paid to usability and ease of use. As stated by an external testing lab and certifier, the activation of the device is ‘intuitive’.


The same VACUETTE EVOPROTECT set can be used both for blood collection and for a short-term infusion, eliminating the need for a second puncture.

Even today, needlestick injuries pose a significant risk to nursing staff, doctors and laboratory employees and are often the cause of transmission of infectious diseases in the healthcare sector. Protect yourself and your colleagues effectively with VACUETTE EVOPROTECT, which enhances ease of use, patient comfort and safety.

Please note that the VACUETTE EVOPROTECT SAFETY Blood Collection Set is only available in selected countries.