Greiner Bio-One is a technology partner for hospitals, laboratories, universities, research institutes and the diagnostic, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, specialising in the development, manufacture and distribution of high-quality plastic laboratory products.

Our Preanalytics division produces evacuated sample collection tubes for capillary blood collection systems, as well as blood, saliva and urine, while distributing suitable safety accessories and products.

As one of the first developers of an evacuated specimen collection system for urine and blood, made of almost unbreakable Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic, Greiner Bio-One Preanalytics is one of the leaders in evacuated specimen collection.

Venous blood collection

Greiner Bio-One offers its clients a vast array of products for venous blood collection with VACUETTE® brand. The innovative blood collection tubes, formed with practically unbreakable PET plastic, are available with various additives, in both standard and special tubes.

Should a health sector employee contract a bloodborne illness, the cause can typically be a former injury from a sharp, contaminated object. One of the recurring causes of infection is direct blood-to-blood contact, such as with an NSI.

Infections such as HIV, for example, remain fatal, as it is not possible to vaccinate against such diseases. Greiner Bio-One delivers a wide variety of safety products to provide the best defence possible from bloodborne infections caused by NSIs, such as safety blood collection sets, safety tube holders and safety needles.

As well as safety products and blood collection tubes, we all distribute an assortment of accessories such as ESR accessories, snap caps and tube holders.

Capillary blood collection

Greiner Bio-One offers an extensive range of products for capillary blood collection with the MiniCollect® brand. Geriatric patients, young children and patients with fragile veins are compatible with the system. We also recommend MiniCollect in circumstances where venous blood collection is particularly difficult, such as for those with extensive burns.

Safety products, such as safety lancets, as well as accessories, such as capillaries, carrier tubes or funnels, are also available under the MiniCollect brand.

A capillary blood collection system, including the carrier tube, is available with MiniCollect Complete. The MiniCollect tube comes preassembled within the carrier tube, which offers several advantages for sample analysis in instruments.

Urine collection

All urine samples carry the potential for infection. Through the use of the closed VACUETTE urine system, sanitary sample collection and laboratory testing are guaranteed. Greiner Bio-One offers VACUETTE urine beakers, containers and tubes.

Saliva collection system

Saliva can be collected efficiently and without stress by rinsing with the saliva collection solution. The contained dye, tartrazine, functions as an internal standard, ensuring reproducible saliva analysis. The collection system contains a saliva collection beaker, a saliva extraction solution and an evacuated saliva transfer tube.

Vascular catheter

Greiner Bio-Ones offers an extensive range of automatic arterial catheters and safety IVs for challenging physical conditions, as well as numerous clinical needs. Manufactured with both patient and user in mind, the products are designed to provide the user with confidence that first-time insertion success is possible every time.