Greiner Bio-One had a successful business year in 2017, further reinforcing its market position thanks to strong growth, new sites and innovative product solutions.

The takeover of its long-standing exclusive distribution partners VACUETTE España and VACUETTE Portugal in March 2017 enabled greater proximity to customers and targeted market cultivation. As a result of that takeover, Greiner Bio-One now has its own subsidiaries on two further key markets in Europe. In addition, the headquarters in Kremsmünster were expanded and an investment was made in a warehouse facility at the site in Hungary.

CEO of the Greiner Bio-One International Rainer Perneker said:  “We are investing sustainably in our locations and in innovative product solutions in order to meet the needs of our customers”.

Expanded range and product developments

In July 2017, Greiner Bio-One acquired 90% of shares in Vigmed Holding, a listed technology and trade company based in Helsingborg, Sweden. That has enabled intravenous (IV) catheters with a safety mechanism to be added to the Preanalytics safety products range. Another innovation on the market is the MiniCollect® Complete tube, a version in which the MiniCollect® standard tube is irreversibly assembled in a carrier tube. That enhancement enables easier, more efficient and more hygienic handling, since both blood collection and subsequent analyses can be performed using the same sample vessel.

In addition, Greiner eHealth Technologies (GeT) achieved significant success in 2017 with implementation of its digital, fully process-optimised system solution for preanalytical and postanalytical processes as a pilot project at the Styria General Hospital (Austria). By combining VACUETTE® barcode tubes with a software solution, GeT plays an important part in optimising preanalytical and postanalytical processes and ensuring enhanced data privacy, patient safety and quality.

Thanks to the new and innovative NIMBUS® and STARlet CXTM platforms of the BioScience division, all manual pipetting steps of the PapilloCheck® human papillomavirus (HPV) test can be automated and qualitative detection of HPV is faster and more efficient. Together with technology provided by cooperation partner Nano3D Biosciences in Houston, US, the CELL-STAR® cell culture vessels with a cell-repellent service achieve particularly good results in the cultivation of 3D cell structures.

Greiner Bio-One has big plans for 2018

Greiner Bio-One has set itself ambitious goals for 2018. One focus will be on expanding its market position in Asia and North America. In addition, it plans to establish new distribution subsidiaries outside of Europe. The further expansion of services and product training courses for our customers will also play a key role this year. Production capacity will be increased at several sites worldwide. In Frickenhausen, Germany, construction of a new high-bay ware-house is set to be completed and work is scheduled to begin on the second phase of extending the office and production areas.