Sterilisation service provider Mediscan, headquartered in Kremsmünster, is building another facility adjacent to the existing plant to sterilise medical products and food packaging and refine plastics and semiconductors. The new system is scheduled to go into operation in mid-2024. The investment volume of €20m includes the system technology, the new building with infrastructure, and an additional photovoltaic system.

State-of-the-art technology and expertise

The system technology used meets the latest standards. It has undergone further technological development compared with the previous model and once again combines two different treatment technologies in a single system. This means that individual product requirements can be met with the highest accuracy and quality.

“The sterilisation performance of Mediscan is an integral part of the production chain for many Greiner Bio-One products. We have a highly specialised and experienced team that ensures safe sterilisation to the highest standards.” ‒ Rainer Perneker, CEO of Greiner Bio-One International

Further capacity expansion necessary

Since the last site expansion in 2015, the production volumes of Greiner Bio-One and the demand for sterilisation services have continued to increase. The availability of sterilisation is essential for the adjacent parent company Greiner Bio-One because this represents the last step in the production chain. Mediscan treats the manufactured medical devices before they are delivered to customers worldwide.

“With the newly created capacities, Mediscan in Kremsmünster is developing into the largest sterilisation site in Europe. The expansion will also create further capacities in order to meet the demand of new third-party customers.” ‒ Dr Markus Niederreiter, Managing Director Mediscan & Co

Installation of another photovoltaic system

Mediscan commissioned a photovoltaic system back in 2021. With the new plant, another photovoltaic system will be installed in order to cover part of the high energy demand in the sterilisation operation with solar energy. As a result, Greiner Bio-One is one step closer to its goal of increasing the proportion of self-generated electricity to 1.5% of electricity consumption by 2025.

Commitment to the Upper Austria site

Also in the field of sterilisation services, the international market environment is characterised by sharp price increases and limited availability. This makes it all the more important for Greiner Bio-One to ensure this service for its products and thus the supply of its customers. The investment-intensive expansion in close proximity to the Group’s largest production site was therefore a sensible step and a clear commitment to the Kremsmünster headquarters.