Finnomedo has launched a novel product for staunching haemorrhage. The most characteristic feature of this pressure dressing is that it is fully transparent. FinnoPress® has multiple advantages compared with regular pressure bandages, such as visibility to the trauma and foolproof and secure placement. FinnoPress is already used in ambulances, rescue helicopters, ERs, armies, first-aid kits, etc. to staunch heavy bleeding.

Transparent pressure dressings to staunch haemorrhage

The product consists of a transparent air pillow that is placed on a trauma and attached with a plastic dressing. The airbag directs the pressure straight to the wound, while the elastic bandage seals the injury from around. The operation principle is based more on sealing instead of pressing, causing minimal disturbance in blood circulation and avoiding the risk of necrosis. When rolled on the injury, FinnoPress creates a durable cover to protect the wound.

Self-adhesive, elastic bandage

The transparency enables a visual confirmation that the bleeding has truly stopped and also helps to evaluate the state of trauma. The self-adhesive bandage is automatically fixed while rolling and won’t loosen by itself. This is especially helpful when rolling it to places where a normal bandage is expected to slip, such as a patient’s head. FinnoPress is also very easy to roll on for oneself. Due to material elasticity, optimal tightness of the bandage is automatically achieved. The elastic bandage can be cut simply by pulling it and no separate locking is needed, even when moving the patient.

Transparent pressure dressings for splinter injuries, fractures and splints

FinnoPress is a necessary article in ambulances, rescue helicopters, ERs and in other professional applications. One FinnoPress package consists of two air pillows and 20m of dressing. This means that patients with multiple injuries – such as on the battlefield or injured in natural disasters or car accidents – can be treated with only one bandage. This is particularly helpful when staunching splinter injuries and thus the armed forces of various countries have expressed a great deal of interest in FinnoPress.

A wound on a thigh; notice that the air pillow is placed in the centre of the trauma, directing the pressure on the injury and enabling the plastic dressing to seal the wound.
A transparent pressure dressing on a stomach wound.
A pressure dressing on a wrist wound.

When a limb is detached, the bandage can be used as a tourniquet by first curling and then rolling it. FinnoPress is precious equipment for unprofessional caretakers and is therefore suitable for use in first-aid kits, replacing the traditional textile bandage. The bandage can also be used to sustain a fractured limb and to fix a splint.

Plastic, disposable bandage

The biggest component in FinnoPress is the plastic, disposable bandage, which decomposes when discarded. Because the product is biodegradable it causes minimal stress to nature even when used in considerable amounts.

Transparent pressure dressing for staunching needle-based blood dripping

FinnoPress® Mini is similar to the regular FinnoPress but it is suitable for staunching a needle-based blood dripping. FinnoPress Mini is essential equipment wherever needles are in use; for example, after removing a cannula or after taking a blood sample.