Phytoceuticals will present promising clinical and scientific data on 1 PRIMARY WOUND DRESSING® at the 2011 EWMA Conference on 26 May, the largest European wound management conference. The data underlines the product’s first choice positioning and effective mode of action. ‘1’ is the first product of the company’s wound care platform that is being commercialised.

“I am excited about the clinical results. The extensive indication range, simple application form and convincing mode of action make ‘1’ a truly unique product in the crowded wound care industry,” said chairman Dr Stephan Rietiker, MD. “We have started to directly promote the product in Switzerland, our home market,” added CEO Eduardo Theiler. “Given the convincing data we now feel confident to expand throughout Europe, ideally together with a strong industry partner.”


‘1’, an innovative wound spray that has been approved in the EU as a medical device, is specially formulated from a proprietary combination of two plant-derived oils, Neem oil and St. John’s Wort oil. ‘1’ is designed to be a simple, natural and effective first choice product for the treatment of acute and chronic wounds as it is effective in a broad range of wound states and wound types.

What experts say about 1 PRIMARY WOUND DRESSING

“Results from the treatment of various types of acute and chronic wounds suggest that ‘1’ can be used as an effective primary wound dressing that promotes wound healing and protects the periwound skin. The use of ‘1’ led to an impressive induction of granulation tissue, even in very deep wounds. ‘1’, with its simple treatment procedure, was very well accepted by patients since it facilitated painless removal of secondary dressings. ‘1’ clearly has its finger on the pulse of understanding the cost and time pressure of the wound care industry,” said Dr SeverinLaeuchli, MD, University Hospital, Zurich, Switzerland and president of the Swiss Association for Woundcare (SAfW).

“‘1’ creates a moist wound environment and the oil layer prevents the secondary dressing from adhering to the wound. These are minimal requirements a modern wound product has to meet,” said Prof. Dr Thomas Hunziker, MD, University Hospital, Bern, Switzerland. “Furthermore, ‘1’ has an antimicrobial effect and promotes the regeneration of the epidermis. These effects clearly make ‘1’ a modern and convincing wound product of your first choice.”


  • In the EU, ‘1’ has received CE-Mark approval. ‘1’ is an investigational device in the US and limited by federal law to investigational use only
  • ‘1’ has to be administered under the supervision of a healthcare professional