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Primary Wound Dressings

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Phytoceuticals is a life science company that develops innovative medicines from natural product extracts. The company’s current focus is to develop first-in-class solutions for major indications in dermatology. Upon receiving product registration, Phytoceuticals aims at partnering with strong industry partners for product distribution in order to maximise the potential reach and revenue for the product.

Wound-healing product for an unmet medical need

Wound-treating MDs agree that no single exogenous available agent can effectively mediate all the numerous aspects of the wound-healing process and no ‘all-round’ product for regulating wound-healing processes currently exists. For chronic wounds there is currently no completely satisfying product available.

Primary wound dressings for acute and chronic wounds

Phytoceuticals’ lead product 1 PRIMARY WOUND DRESSING® is a specially formulated mixture of Neem oil and St. John’s Wort oil. «1» is the simple, natural and effective first choice product for the treatment of acute and chronic wounds, and is effective in a broad range of wound types and wound stages. «1» has been approved in the EU as a medical device. It creates a moist wound environment and the oil layer prevents the secondary dressing from adhering to the wound. Furthermore, it has an antimicrobial effect and promotes the regeneration of the epidermis.

"These effects clearly make «1» a modern and convincing wound product of your first choice," says Prof. Thomas Hunziker, MD, University Hospital, Bern, Switzerland.

Phytoceuticals develops wound-healing products using natural product ingredients.
Phytoceuticals' lead product 1 PRIMARY WOUND DRESSING® is for the treatment of acute and chronic wounds.
Phytoceuticals' primary wound dressings target both the human and veterinary wound markets.

Wound dressings for human / veterinary wound markets

Besides the acute and chronic human wound market, Phytoceuticals is targeting the veterinary wound and human inflammatory skin disorders market with formulations derived from «1».

International commercialisation of primary wound dressings

Switzerland is Phytoceuticals’ home market and serves as an ideal test market prior to launching internationally. The Swiss market will be directly covered by the Phytoceuticals sales team starting in May 2011. In parallel to launching the product in Switzerland the company has developed customised market penetration strategies for the major international markets including the EU and the US. The international markets will ideally be served through strong distribution partners.

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