GE Healthcare is a healthcare company that is recognized for Business Expansion and Product Launches and Research and Development in the 2022 Hospital Management Excellence Awards.

The company has partnered with the likes of Amazon subsidiary AWS to offer AI and cloud-based imaging solutions to hospitals and healthcare providers. As per the agreement, GE Healthcare’s Edison Health Services and the company’s proprietary imaging solutions will become available on AWS. 

The American multinational has also been marketing its imaging devices to oncological facilities, this time in collaboration with Elekta. The partnership will see GE Healthcare’s know-how in medical imaging combined with Elekta’s comprehensive radiation therapy portfolio.

GE Healthcare has also collaborated with Apprise Health Insights to drive automation in hospital bed management. The company’s digital solution for bed management has been adopted by all the hospitals in the state of Oregon under the name Oregon Capacity System.

Company Profile

GE Healthcare, a business unit of General Electric Company, is a global medical device provider that designs, develops, manufactures and distributes diagnostic imaging and clinical systems; products and services for drug discovery, biopharmaceutical manufacturing, and cellular technologies; imaging agents used during medical scanning procedures; and a range of healthcare IT solutions. 

GE Healthcare also provides services such as performance improvement and performance solutions services, computerized data management, and remote diagnostic and repair services of medical equipment manufactured by the company and others. 

The company conducts its operations across the world through subsidiaries and affiliates. GE Healthcare is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, the US.