Amana Healthcare and Danat Al Emarat Hospital for Women and Children have opened a paediatric long-term care unit in Abu Dhabi, reported

The 29-bed facility provides 24/7 care for paediatric patients requiring long-term acute services for complex medical conditions.

The unit comes with intensive care-level capabilities in a child-friendly environment, supported by paediatricians, specialist nurses, and therapists.

It offers various medical services, therapy programmes, and quality-of-life initiatives such as personalised activities.

The new hospital’s integrated care model ensures coordination and reduced infection risk for ventilated patients transitioning between the intensive care unit and long-term ventilation unit.

The partnership aims to enhance the provision of high-quality paediatric care in Abu Dhabi.

Danat Al Emarat Hospital for Women & Children acting executive director Omar Al Naqbi said: “We are excited to collaborate with another partner within the Mubadala Health network to deliver exceptional long-term care to the paediatric patients at Danat Al Emarat Hospital.

“Our partnership with Amana Healthcare bridges our specialties with its renowned long-term care unit. Amana Healthcare’s facilities help paediatric patients receive long-term acute services safely and comfortably, tailored to their needs.”